Sport consumer gear are the types of shoes worn by a participant in a game.  These sport consumer gears are the shoes used by the basketball players.  In this section we are going to discuss the type of shoes to be worn by the basketball players. Before a sports consumer decides to or make any choice on the type of shoes they want they need first to know there playing styles and also their capabilities. The consumer needs to be aware of his shooting range capabilities, speed, power and also aggression on the game.


Basketball shoes at are divided into three parts the upper, the midsole, the outsole. When talking about the upper part of the shoes the first choice to make is how high, mid or low heights is suitable to different styles of players.   The high medium shoe IS mostly used by the forward and the centers because these players are the most aggressive because the high shoe provides a lot of stability and support. The mid creates a lot of flexibility to the players and also coverage, any athlete or player wear this.


Player guards need or should consider the low profile shoe because they are good for speed and agility. when a sports consumer has considered the upper he should now go for the best material after that are flexible, and that offers exceptional breathing space. The upper needs to be secure with some mechanism if you want them to have a strong grip on the feet and this technique are the shoe laces, they should be light, simple and securing your feet well enough.  The midsole provides comfort to the feet while it's in the shoe.  The midsole is like a pressure absorber that protects the feet from so much pain during basketball play. For more info regarding sports gear, check out



The outsole is where the shoe the rubber meets the ground, a basketball player should consider an outsole that is flat and wide to provide maximum balance. For added support the player should go for an outsole that has features of the herringbone or hexagonal pattern since these are designed to help secure the players feet and prevent the player from sliding up and down the court.  The sports consumer not only should consider the make of the shoe but also the how the shoe looks.  The great look of the shoe will give you a good impression on fashion.  Confidence is what you need as a player to find success this could be achieved by being smart in what you were to the court.   It is essential for  a sports consumer to choose a good shoe, click here to get started!